Friday, April 3, 2009

So this is what I'm here for....School

The whole reason I am actually in Prague is for school, and it finally started two weeks after my journey began. I am taking six classes here at Czech Technical University: Studio (of course, only because I have too), Computer Graphics, Figure Drawing, History of the Interior, Sculpting, and Color and Composition.

Studio meets on Monday afternoons and Thursday mornings and it is a completely different experience than I have ever had, it’s not stressful and it’s not a big deal if I don’t get my work done. He told us the first day that if we are going to miss school because we are traveling, just to let him know and he will recommend places for us to visit where we are going, and he said not to miss for a month and then come back and say we were sick because he will know we are lying. So I can tell it will be great. Our first project was to design a logo that represented ourselves in 2D, and then we made it into a 3D logo. Our second project is to design a piece of jewelry for someone in our lives. Our third project is to design a chair in the style of Thonet. Thonet invented a system of bending wood and used it in his chair designs to make beautiful works. Our final project is to design an armchair for a building here in Prague. We were to visit four spaces in Prague, all built in different styles and to choose one space to design the chair for. There is a Gothic church, a Baroque Church, an Art Noveau space, and a Romanesque chapel. I still haven’t decided what space I’m using, it will come with time I am sure.

Computer graphics meets Tuesday afternoons at 3, for this class we are working in groups to come up with a new-age legend about Prague, a way to see Prague in another way, not as a tourist. We then have to either show our new legend with photos or illustrations that we do and manipulate them in Photoshop, and then put them together graphically in Illustrator or InDesign. Our group has just started work on our story board, but I think it’s going to be good, I will definitely keep you posted! After this class I have figure drawing until 7.

Figure drawing is probably my favorite class, and I had no idea that it would be. Drawing naked people for an hour and half didn’t exactly seem appealing to me in the first place, but I knew that it would immensely improve my sketching skills, something I know I need to work on. Our teacher is quite a precious older man that doesn’t speak much Czech, but he gets his point across about your drawing pretty well considering this fact. He doesn’t make me feel so bad about myself, and it’s always great to have him help out.

On Wednesdays I have History of the Interior at 1 in the afternoon. It is almost exactly like my History of Furniture class I took at KState, but with less organization, and with a really precious teacher. He is probably in his eighties and told us he learned English before World War II, so he gets frustrated when he can’t express to us what he wants to in English, we try to help out as much as possible, and I know he appreciates it. After history I have a couple hour break before heading to sculpting at 4:45p

Sculpting is something I have never done before so it is an interesting experience. Since most of us have never worked with clay before we have to start out by making a skull, we have a model to copy. After we make it out of clay, we get to cast it in plaster. Then if we have time, we are to make another piece of our choosing.

On Thursday mornings I have studio at 10a, which is the earliest I have class, so it makes it hard to go to sometimes. But then I have the rest of the day free because Color & Composition doesn’t meet until 5:45p.

Color and Composition is like my Visual Communications class I took at KState because we get to experiment with different media and then create one piece for the end of the semester. Our piece has to be about our experience in Prague as an Erasmus student. I still don’t know what I am doing for this project yet, but I really want to do something with ink & watercolor on different languages, since I am surrounded by so many friends that all speak different languages every day. We shall see, I will also keep you posted on this project!

Fridays are my free day which makes me absolutely ecstatic because I have never had a Friday off in my four years of college because studio is ALWAYS on Friday.

In the next post: the night at the Opera, night at the hookah bar, and my first Czech Hockey Game.

Love you all!


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