Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I went to Dresden with ISC March 28 & 29, there were about 15 of us from CTU and about 10 from the School of Economics. We left way too early in the morning on the 28th. The only good thing about it was that we got to ride in a compartment train, which me and Caitie couldn’t help but feel like we were headed to Hogwarts because it was like a Harry Potter train. We arrived in Dresden after a relatively short train ride of about 2 hours. We were given free time to walk around.

My first steps on the cobblestone of Dresden.

Dresden is a fairly small city so it didn’t take us long to see most of it, and it was quite rainy and gross. We ended up at the royal families palace and ran into a ton of Asian tourists. We then entertained ourselves by making fun of them. And taking photos in the same stances they were taking photos in.

These were some old ruins that were being excavated.

Frauenkirche, a really pretty church in the middle of Old town.

After this I think our exhaustion hit us so we wandered around looking for somewhere to get a snack. We ended up finding a tiny little vegetarian restaurant. Even though it was only 11a we all decided to try our first German bier. I had a Hefeweizen, it’s a wheat beer, and it is amazing. I also got a bowl of soup to tide me over before lunch.

We then met back up with our group and headed to eat lunch at one of the university campuses in Dresden. We had a meal of dumplings and meat, not all that different than Czech food really. 

After lunch we went back to the old part of town as a group and met up with some ISC people from Dresden. We split up into groups and did a city tour/scavenger hunt with them. Basically they walked us around the city and we had to guess where to go next, and do different challenges once we got to the different places. For instance we went to the only remaining phone booth in Dresden and had to see how many people we could fit in it, and we ended up getting other people from the street to join us. We only fit about 6 of us in. We also had to answer trivia questions about Dresden, so we started asking random people we saw around town, I’m sure people thought we were insane. One of our other tasks was to join hands and make a ring around a statue in front of a church in the old town. We couldn’t quite get enough people, but we joined forces with another team and made a ring around. 

With our group and our guides, Felix & Sven.

After freshening up and recharging a bit from the scavenger hunt, we headed to the new part of town for dinner at a kebab restaurant. In the States when you say kebab, that means a skewer with different kinds of veggies and meat that is grilled, in Europe when you say kebab, it means something more like a gyro, but equally delicious, just not exactly what all of us Americans were expecting. After dinner we headed to a little place called Magnolia. It was a lounge type cocktail bar with couches and beds all over. They also had shisha, which is what they call hookah in Germany. So we hung out drinking long islands and smoking shisha for a couple of hours, and then the exhaustion set in again so Caitie and I headed back really early.

For lunch the next dat we ate at a German brewery. Caitie, Patricia, and I decided to order a Mass bier, which is a liter of bier. That is insanely huge. And on an empty stomach, it makes you feel really happy! The bier we had was yet another wheat beer, and it was so delicious. 

With my huge bier.

The beef stew/soup we ate for lunch.

After lunch we kind of all split up and did our own thing, but the group of people I ended up in decided to walk around New Town.

This was a little building in a courtyard that had been restored, every hour in the summer they send water down the pipes.

We got soft serve ice cream at this little place by the park and it was so delicious. And then we went to the park and watched theses people walk on make shift tight ropes, it was pretty crazy. 

We thought this guy was going to be good because he was really intense.. He fell off really quick, it was dissapointing.

After walking around all afternoon, it was time to bid our goodbyes to Dresden and the people we had met from their ISC. Everyone from our school headed back towards Prague, but Patricia, Eeva, Disa, and I headed on to Berlin.

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