Monday, April 13, 2009

Narodni Divaldo & Slavia Praha

As promised, although a little late, a blog about my night at the opera and my first Czech hockey game.

Fridays, I don’t have classes. So those days are always quite great. This particular friday evening we attended the opera. I went with Carles, my Spanish friend, his friend from Brussels, Thomas, Rachel, Sarah, Caitie, Anna, Diana, and Winifred. We went to see Carmen, which is a French opera, thankfully they had English and Czech subtitles on a screen above the stage. The subtitles were kind of hard to see though because we were sitting n the last row, behind a column. We can’t really complain too much though because our tickets were only 50 Kc, which is roughly only $2.50. It was quite an experience since it was my first opera, but I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Caitie using her opera glasses.

Our view from the last row. Pretty amazing actually.

After the opera we ran around town following Carles because he was trying to take us somewhere nice to eat, but it was getting late and everyone was hungry so we ended up grabbing pizza and gyros from a street vendor. Half of our group decided to go home, but me, Caitie, Carles, Thomas, Rachel, and Sarah decided to go to a pub. We ended up going to Nebe, and it was a lot like a New York bar, pretty posh with good drinks. We hung out there for most of the night talking and dancing a little bit. It was fun to not go to a dance club playing techno music for once.

This is me and Sarah enjoying some wine.

The next week two of my roommates, Holly & Danielle, invited Caitie and I to go to a Slavia Praha Hockey Game. Since I have never been to a hockey game in my life, I figured I should definitely go to one in the Czech Republic, since they are very well known for ice hockey. It was definitely a really fun time, we also went with 4 of our roommates Costa Rican friends. Caitie and I decided to get some Slavia scarves to represent, they are pretty awesome.

 I couldn’t believe how much people get into the hockey games, there was a huge fan section right next to where we sat and it was awesome to watch and hear them chant, I wish I could have chanted along, but alas I don’t know enough Czech for that! 

Slavia ended up winning, kind of last minute and it was awesome. Everyone went crazy!

Our group!

The metro ride home was definitely one of the craziest experiences I have had in Prague. Since the metro stop is the one for the stadium, we had to cram on trains to fit enough people on them. While this was happening, people were also jumping up and down, making the train sway, and also chanting and getting everyone to join them. The train started moving and people were still jumping up and down, the train was swaying from side to side and also moving.. It was definitely scary. Caitie and I finally made our way back to Dejvicka and had to pack and get ready for our trip to Vienna the next day, more about that later, I promise!

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