Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Team America

At my school, CTU, the International Student Club is a really big deal for all of us students, international or not. Every Wednesday night ISC throws a party at a bar called PM Bar or at my dorm in the club. At the parties there are designated nights for each country that is represented within our club. The American presentation was scheduled with Spain and South Korea at PM Bar, which is a pretty big bar a few metro stops away from our dorm.

In preparation for our presentation we had to contact all of the American students, most of them are our friends, so that wasn’t hard, but there are about 25 of us in all. We started brainstorming and deciding what kind of food we were going to make, what information we were going to share about our country, and of course what drinking games we were going to teach our other international friends. We decided that peanut butter and jelly sandwiches were the easiest and cheapest food to make, and also something uniquely American. We also decided to make Jello shots because we knew that everyone would love them. We decided in the drinking game category we would teach flippy cup because it’s a fast game and is easy to pick up. We also decided to make a beer bong that we lovingly name Tank.

The week of the presentation we started putting a slide show together and broke the US up by region: East, South, West, & Midwest. We presented a different topic for each and started in the East with the history of our country, then moved to the South and talked about festivals like Mardi Gras, and of course cows. After the South we talked about the Midwest and tornadoes because Europe does not have tornadoes, they all think it is crazy! In the Midwest we also talked about sports, like American football! We finished up in the West with pop culture and decided our finale would be the boys dancing to the YMCA acting like the Village People.

The Tuesday night before the presentation Caitie, Patricia, and I made over 200 Jello shots in our friends room because their refrigerator was empty. It was a feat to fit so many in such a small space, but we did it!!

The Wednesday of the presentation we made about 5 loaves of bread worth of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. We put them back in the bread bags without slicing them so we could transport them to the bar.

That night we all met in the lobby of our dorm at around 6:30p to head to PM Bar. Some of the boys were sent on the mission to buy a few cases of beer for our drinking games, and they brought the cart back with them from the grocery store. We took it as a sign we should transport all of the food and Jello shots and beer in that to PM Bar. 

Which meant we had to take it on the metro, up and down escalators, switch metro lines, and finally to the bar. We still think it’s a miracle we didn’t get yelled at in Czech or fined by the metro police. We finally got to the bar with all of our things and cut up the PB & J’s and stacked them pyramid style with an American flag in the middle.

Our presentation didn’t end up going so well because of the sound, but we all enjoyed ourselves, and everyone enjoyed our PB & J’s and Jello shots!


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