Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Italia Adventures//End of day 3 & Day 4// Castiglion Fiorentino & Orvieto

We were headed to Castiglion from Firenze to see some of our friends from KState. We arrived in Castiglion at about 5:30p and met two of our friends in a park that was about halfway to their school. They then led us to their study center of Santa Chiara, this adorable little building that houses everything they do, school, food, and sleep. They showed us around a bit, and I must admit it’s a little like Hogwarts. We then headed down to their studio to say hello to everyone, surprising a few people with my visit, it was so great to see my friends! We hung out with everyone in studio for a little bit, but they were on deadline so we decided to go get a couple bottles of wine and sit around and talk with the people that didn’t want to do their schoolwork. It was really nice to be in familiar company again with people that we hadn’t seen since December. Finally dinner was served around 7:30. Our first course was pasta; our second course was a salad, and then finally chicken and French fries. It was amazingly delicious. After dinner we just hung out in the dining room for awhile and then had to say arrividerci to our friends and head on our way to Orvieto to see even more friends. Our train to Orvieto took about 2 hours and we arrived there around 11:30p. We had to take a scary bus up the hill to where our friends live, and thankfully there were some other Americans on the bus that helped us on our way. We ended up in front of the Duomo in Orvieto and waited on Ryan and Eric to come find us. 

The Duomo

They eventually did, and they took us back to their apartment which was really close to where we were. We sat up talking with them until really late, and finally decided it was time for bed since we had to wake up early.

We all woke up early the next morning and headed to studio with the boys. They had a project due so they had to finish things up for it. We hung out in studio for a bit, and then Eric took us to breakfast at Café Couver where we had croissants and cappuccinos. Eric then took us walking around the hilltop part of the town, where they live, and then we grabbed a lunch of kebabs and perched up on a lookout.

Caitie, Sarah, and I decided to go climb the clock/bell tower to overlook the town. It was an absolutely beautiful view. 

We then decided just to wander around the city and get lost, finding all kinds of really adorable buildings and typical Italian streets. Then we took the funicular down the hill to buy train tickets back to Roma for the next morning. 

Cute little street

The old city walls

It was incredibly beautiful

The funicular

Once we got home we decided to start preparing our feast. We made spaghetti and meatballs, roasted potatoes with rosemary, pesto, and truffle oil, and bruschetta. It was insanely delicious and we were all stuffed. We also managed to drink about 6 bottles of wine and 2 bottles of Limoncello between the 5 of us. After our late Italian dinner we decided to go out to Vin Café and meet up with the rest of our friends. 

Limoncello with my favorites

Our feast

Roommate love

The next morning we had to wake up and say goodbye to Orvieto and continue on our journey back to Roma for one last day in Italia.

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