Monday, June 8, 2009


My 5 day visit to Copenhagen started 2 days after I returned from Paris, I'm crazy I know.

My trip started off very amazingly as me and Ally just walked around the city and lounged in sunny places. I met all of her friends from her dorm and had a great night on the town. The next day Ally had school so I walked around by myself, but then she left early so we could go to the park. I guess in Copenhagen there is a very big festival thing in a huge park, so we went there and lounged around with Matt, another friend from KState, beer and snacks and met some awesome Danish people.

At the park for May Day.

That night we went over to Matt's dormitory and to the bar there because he always hangs out there and knows the bartenders. We had a great night of lots of shots, and amazing Danes.

My KState buddies!

We love pretzels.

The next day, Saturday, we set out for Christiania. Christiania are these old army barracks that have been settle by a bunch of hippies. It was a really cool chilled out part of town with a really pretty lake.

The Church on the way to Christiania.

Marking the entrance.

The lake where we ate our sandwiches.

When you leave Christiania you re-enter the EU....Well so they say.

One of the canals... I love them.

Enjoying a hot dog with everything on it, apparently something you HAVE to do in Denmark.

Sunday was my last full day in town so we tried to do everything that I hadn't seen yet, but it was kind of rainy and gross, but we made the most of it. For breakfast we got danishes at the best bakery in Copenhagen. Then we met up with Sara, another friend from KState, and her mom to go to a sculpture museum that I loved. We also went to New Harbor, which is one of the most famous images in Copenhagen. And we went to an amazing museum called the Kunstindustrimuseet, it was basically a collection of furniture that I loved. We also walked all along the harbor finding a church that we absolutely loved, and ended at the Little Mermaid. Hans Christian Andersen, the author of the Little Mermaid was from Copenhagen, so he's a really big deal there obviously. After walking so much, we called it a day and made dinner at Ally's dorm, and worked on our studio projects.

At Nyhavn...aka New Harbor, one of the most famous shots of Copenhagen.

Stonework in the sidewalk at the Royal Palace.

Church we found that we loved.

The Little Mermaid!

The Marble Church.

My delish tart from the best bakery in Copenhagen.

The Stock Exchange Building.

Church of the Holy Ghost.

This was such a great trip filled with an amazing city and getting to see some of my amazing friends. I headed back to Praha on Monday morning and prepared for my next trip later in the week, Budapest with Ryan!

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